Synopsis of the 2016 Conference Topics


  Topic  Speaker
  "Agile Scheduling Using Microsoft Project"  Angelo Arcoleo
 "Using Agile for Medical Device Software"  Robin Louvain
  "The Places Your PMO Will Go - (Agile Transformation)"  Rob Birkland
  “Scrum, meet Earned Value Management”  Matt Freece
  "Agile PMO"  Mike Marco
  "Driving Value with an Agile PMO"  Joe Krebs


"Agile PMO" - Mike Marco

Often, a corporation is a number of isolated islands, which operate with their own individual goals and objectives. As a result of this, strategic objectives are not met, change occasionally, which result in lower ROI, inefficiency, and high turnover. The traditional method of allocating funds per department and/or projects does not respond on the market challenges. To avoid decline of revenue and market share, corporations must apply and utilize agile project management approach, which would help them integrate and align strategic, tactical, and operational goals through Portfolio à Value Stream à Product Management à Team. This presentation covers the practical and theoretical aspects of “Agile PMO.” It provides the materials for the experienced managers, working within agile portfolio environment.  

"Driving Value with an Agile PMO" - Joe Krebs

Starting but more importantly staying agile isn’t easy. Like in a marathon, teams and organizations will hit the wall that prevents them from achieving great things.  Let’s discuss the common barriers and obstacles, and how we break through that wall with an Agile PMO. We will use a model of sustainability to grow a culture that is ready to build those innovative products and services, which we like to use as a consumer in the years ahead.

The reward is an agile enterprise that allows executives to steer a portfolio of agile projects and gives them real insights into the health of their projects and its teams.  The agile culture is characterized by empowered and self-organized teams, which produce more in less time. More importantly, they have fun while doing that. We will explore how a PMO in an agile enterprise not only co-exist but participate in a value driven delivery model.


"Agile Scheduling using Microsoft Project" - Angelo Arcoleo

This presentation will demonstrate how to build a Hybryd Agile Schedule that may be used for development-type projects. During this event, you will learn How to create an Agile Schedule using both the Agile features built int Microsoft Project 2013 as well as earlier versions without those new features.  We will show Agile Views, you can build, including Grouping Features and how to gage your Project’s Progress for your next development project.


"The Places Your PMO Will Go (Agile Transformation)" - Rob Birkland

Take a peek inside how the PMO at Paychex went through the transition to Agile.  The train was leaving and we were not going to get left behind.  During this presentation we will take a look at how the PMO changed to embrace new opportunities while saying good bye to some old trusted processes.  Leave with an understanding how we aligned our project audits to Agile, how we switched our PPM Tool’s workflow to compliment the Agile workflow, and we changed the organizations PMO’s perception from push to pull. 


Scrum, meet Earned Value Management” - Matt Freece

The benefits of a scrum development methodology have led to a majority of Fortune 500 technology companies adopting the scrum mantra.  Excruciatingly detailed, long-term project plans are being eschewed in favor of a flexible, reactive, time-sensitive, agile development approach.  Adaptability, project transparency, and a focus on productivity are all well known artifacts of a scrum-based project.  What is less well known is how to effectively implement scrum while also satisfying earned value management (EVM) requirements. 

A majority of government projects now require earned value management tracking on the part of the government contractor.  Earned value tracking reduces risk on government projects by increasing transparency into the project’s actual (rather than perceived) performance.  However, many government project managers favor or are more familiar with earned value tracking mechanisms that align with the “waterfall” development mindset rather than scrum.  This presentation will explore different techniques for collecting and calculating project metrics to satisfy earned value management, while at the same time not sacrificing the core tenants of scrum that make the methodology so attractive in the first place. 

By effectively implementing earned value within a scrum environment, managers will incubate projects with transparent and predictable results that can also adapt easily to changing customer requirements.  


“Using Agile for Medical Device SoftwareRobin Louvain

Part of the Agile Manifesto states “Working software over comprehensive documentation,” but when one thinks of developing software for a medical device, an image of stacks of documentation comes to mind. Couple that with an overarching waterfall-like commercialization process and developing products using agile becomes even more challenging. Carestream Health has been doing agile development in this environment for almost 10 years. In this session, you will learn about the challenges that the team has faced and how they have overcome some of those challenges. In particular, you will learn how the FDA has embraced agile and provided guidance to medical device companies on how to do agile development while still meeting the FDA regulations.


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